India's Hijras make up one of the largest and most mysterious sexual subcultures in the modern world. Small pockets of independently organized Hijra communities are scattered throughout India and may include castrated men, transvestites, transsexuals and other homosexual men that chose to live as women. Poverty forced Dashart "Mukesh" Mhatabjee into this socially taboo lifestyle when his family took him out of school at age 12. Unlike most Hijras, Dashart, now 22, has chosen to continue living with his family instead of with other men and struggles to keep his homosexual behavior a secret from his family and the rest of his village. PHOTO: Mukesh puts the finishing touches on his makeup before a party. This red marking signifies marriage in Indian culture. Mukesh's family hopes he will get married this year and he said he will probably do so in order to appease them, even though he knows his wife will have a problem with his lifestyle.